Education and experience

I studied Social Work and Social Pedagogy in Aachen from 2011-2015, graduating with a Bachelors degree. I have worked in the field of help for youth, children and families ever since, including work with young refugees. From 2018-2020 I further educated myself in Systemic and Family Counseling. Additionally I have been dabbling in methods of art therapy for a while, implementing aspects of it occasionally in my day job.

Recharging in nature

I plan to offer counseling services in the future. Here you can learn where I want to go with this:

My Goal

I want to use my skills as social worker, pedagogue and counselor to talk you through challenges in your life and find solutions, using the tools and resources you already have. I want to help you overcome whatever is holding you back to pick up a creative medium of your choice. I want to enable you to let go of expectations toward the outcome, so you can focus on the process of creating. I can offer a safe space to talk and explore, while making you feel accepted and creating an environment from which you can grow and become more of your beautiful self.

I want to combine my passion for art and creativity and my skills as a social worker and counselor. In art therapy I have learned that creative expression has many benefits for personal growth. It teaches how to handle mistakes, creative problem solving skills and being present in the moment. Learning new artistic skills can be incredibly satisfying and strengthen your experience of self-efficacy. Experiencing yourself as capable to master challenges and make progress in the safe environment of creating art, can help boost your self esteem and make you more confident when facing other challenges.

How big of a role creative tools play in our work together is entirely individual. I offer anyone who is interested in exploring counseling with me a free first conversation, in which we try to get an idea of your goal and determine together what steps might be necessary to get there and how I can help you get there. This process continues during our work together, so we can adapt when your goal changes and you make new discoveries or face new challenges.

No path is strictly linear

Through my years of experience of working with teenagers, young adults and parents, I know that life doesn’t follow a clear path and sometimes we need to solve an acute crisis, before we can go back to working on the bigger goal. I am here to accompany you on this path, ready to adapt to surprises and celebrate any small victory with you.