My Art

I have been painting, crafting, drawing, exploring creative outlets all my life. Growing up with a mother who worked with artists and entertained multiple creative endeavors over the years, art has been a steady companion for me and I have never been afraid to try new things.

However phrases like ”Oh, your art is so good/You’re really talented/You should work in the creative field”, while flattering, have always made me uneasy and honestly made me enjoy my art less, because suddenly there were expectations about my performance and the result. I often meet adults who stopped expressing themselves creatively, because they were told that they weren’t good enough at it. I believe the root for both is similar: instead of rewarding the effort and teaching creative expression and creative problem solving, as a society we reward results exclusively and following artistic rules.

Play and create

I want to create art for my well-being, for the expression of myself, capturing my impressions of the world, to connect with others and to enjoy the process. I have found many people sharing this desire and even more people who still hesitate to pick up a pencil, brush, needle or other tool. My goal is to share the joy in the creative process, removing the outcome from its pole position. My preferred way of creating is playing, exploring, learning, enjoying putting something in the world that wasn’t there before, and only somewhere after all of this comes the proud feeling of having created something ”pretty”. I try to remove myself from the expectations to create something ”good”.

Below you can see some of my work and a video about my approach to creating.