A Closer Look: April Collection

This collection is currently available through instagram. You can find the pieces in my highlights on my profile. Alternatively, contact me through my contact form here, to buy the paintings below. Prices and sizes are included in the image caption. I am working on setting up a shop, to make this process easier and I will link to it here, once I am ready. I hope to be able to provide this during May.

The Collection I have created during April features subjects from nature that remind me of some of my core needs. Ever since moving to Denmark, I have felt especially drawn to nature, the earth, the colorful rocks I could find on the beaches and in the grassy fields of my new home.
I have collected these rocks and earths, ground some of them into fine pigment powders and made my own paints from them. The entire process has helped me connect with my new home. And I became a little addicted to looking for colors anywhere I walk. It is really hard to switch off, once you start looking.

When I started thinking about creating a collection of paintings, I quickly realized that I needed to include rocks and my foraged pigments somehow. I thought about what made them so special and why they helped me so much and I contemplated my needs while settling in my new home.

Rocks became my first obvious subject for the collection. They gave me stability and something tangible while around me was a lot of uncertainty.
The various challenges immigration threw at me also forced me to slow down and accept the flow of things. How fast bureaucracy works was outside of my control and I started enjoying the waiting periods, by using them to my advantage.

While the idea formed that I wanted to include more nature details in my paintings, I started thinking about feathers. They are soft and delicate and make me feel at peace. Another need I discovered and was able to nurture as I navigated the first weeks of my time in Denmark. I allowed myself to enjoy days off, even stepping back from art and just existing in the flow of things.

Soon I was able to find the first flowers outside: Crocuses, snow drops, dandelions. My boyfriend has a gorgeous bush of magnolias in the backyard and I couldn’t wait for the blossoms to start blooming. I felt joy from the world around me growing and coming alive and I felt myself growing. With the acceptance of the things I couldn’t control and the reassurance through the sources of stability I found for myself, I could stretch and grow and be joyful.
And when the first magnolias were about to bloom I knew that those would be the flowers I had to include in my collection.

Part of growth and nature is of course also wood. I wanted to use this theme as an opportunity to invite some magic into the collection and decided to create staffs and trees holding gems. I’ve always been drawn to magical symbolism and even though I don’t believe in actual magic, little charms and crystals have something wonderously comforting to me. Creating art is my personal kind of magic, be that in the form of paintings or sculptures. Even crocheting and other yarn works are their own kind of every day magic, where we swing our tools in just the right way to turn fibers into yarn and then into dolls, blankets or clothes. This sense of wonder I find in everyday things, found its place in the form of these magical pieces of wood.

Lastly I am so happy to be living close enough to the coast now, that I can easily take trips for an afternoon to soak in the breeze of the sea and stare out onto the endless waters. And of course I get to collect rock and shells when I am very lucky. With their fantastical look, the primary function of shells is fairly simple: to protect and provide shelter. Moving to this new place, finding things and people that make me feel safe and give me an opportunity to introspect and get in touch with myself was really important to me. And I am so grateful to have found all of this. For now, this was the last important need I wanted to capture for this body of work.

While developing my subjects and paintings, I used not just my sketchbook, but also postcards to make sketches, try out techniques and settle on colors and compositions. Some of these postcards have turned into little pieces of art themselves and I want to offer them along with my collection. This allows me to make my art available for more people, as I offer them as ”pay what you can” items. If you want to purchase any of the pieces above or below, please send me a message, specifying which painting you want to purchase through my contact page.